- How to upgrade Haifa models 9600/9800/Haifa Sky? Go to the top of the page

Open the loader select (FILE OPEN) then select the file software then turn on the receiver.After finished go to the menu then system setting then to the channel lock and change it to unlock after that press yellow then blue then green then menu you will see the page code then do default for the keys by pressind the yellow key.

- How to upgrade Digisat model? Go to the top of the page

Please activate the s/w use exit button
>> EXIT 6108,
>> EXIT 8088,

- How to upgrade Super Echosat models? Go to the top of the page

Open the SW LOADER press DOWNLOAD select the file for software then turn on the receiver.

- [STB to STB donwload] = "8888"
- [Master Key] on the forgetting the private number = “8989”
- [Funcard function for first version CAS] = Press key "0000" when you watch the scrambled channels
- [Autoroll function for Key editor & DCW editor] = Press key "7777" on the "Main Menu" screen
=> You must default [YES] of All 8 CAS kinds of apearring the a screen after pressing the numeric code "7777" in "Key Editor" & "DCW Editor" .....and you must do press only [RESET] key after entering the Key eidtor & DCW editor according the provider' autoroll system....then, our STB can be supported automatically to operate autoroll system...you can also arrange the manual type each special key code in this screen with RCU

- How to upgrade Open Sky/Open CI/No1 FTA? Go to the top of the page

1. Power off receiver.
2. Connect PC and receiver using a serial cable.
Receiver should be power-off state.
3. Execute "ARIONER.EXE"
First, Select proper PORT. ex) COM1 or COM2
4. Click the "Open" button and select "------.auc".
Click the "Send program to IRD" button.
Then, typically "Last status" shows message of "Waiting connect request ack".
Now PC are ready to transfer.
5. Power on receiver
upgrade process will be automatically done in a few seconds.
You can see the progress with PC and/or receiver.
When receiver shows "Saving" message, you have to be very careful.
Never power off during this save time. It couldn't reboot and
you have to send back the receiver to us.
At the end of the process, small message window at PC will appear.
Please don't care about the message.
Click "OK" button to clear the message.
Receiver reboot automatically. Check front display of receiver.
If it shows "----" or any channel number "xxxx", then successful.

- How to upgrade Red Flower Fta/Red Flower Conax/X30/X50/Super X30/Super X50? Go to the top of the page

Open the loader select the file then press DOWNLOAD then turn on the receiver,after finishing the software open the keyfly for download the keys you will see the code 0000 change it to 0120 then open file and select the SOFTCAM KEY file then download it and turn on the receiver.