Echosat is a distributing company of all types of satellite equipment and
other electronic products.

Under the Echosat umbrella we have a few other brands. One of our other
brand names is Hivision, which specializes in Flat Screen televisions and
Plasma sets. Another successful brand name which is our Air conditioning arm
is Echocool.

By recognizing that the world is fast becoming a high-tech information
society, Echosat is making its best efforts for the comfort and well-being
of humankind through the development and deployment of state-of-the-art
technologies in Broadcasting, Information and Communication fields for the
new millennium.

To fulfill this vision, Echosat is giving priority to building up and
strengthening its Research & Development capabilities.

Echosat focuses on developing human resources to achieve a competitive edge
in today's ever-changing world. Through its philosophies of management and
self-learning organization, Echosat is achieving its objective to reach new
heights by becoming one of the region's forerunners. Accordingly, Echosat is
advancing into new business fields and is enhancing its global market